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All of the historic buildings on the timeline are located on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.


The First Fairfield County Fair is held in the second week of October.


The Art Hall

The Art Hall (1909) is one of the most recognizable buildings on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. Located in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds, the building houses many types of exhibits over the years. The Art Hall was built by G.W. Alder in 1909 and the Grange Wing was added in 1926. The building is the home of horticulture, fine arts, sewing, and antique collections to name a few each year during the Fairfield County Fair.

Round Cattle Barn

The Round Cattle Barn (1909) was designed and built by J.E. Hedges and is the most unique building on the fairgrounds. The building stands in full view when entering the fairgrounds through the main entrance on Fair Avenue. The unique design of the Round Cattle Barn makes it one of the most photographed buildings on the fairgrounds.

The Pioneer Cabin

The Pioneer Cabin (ca. 1803) is the oldest and one of the most historic buildings on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. The cabin was moved to the fairgrounds in 1953. The cabin was originally built outside of the Village of Pleasantville, Ohio during the early period of the settlement of Ohio. The Pioneer Cabin features many tools and utensils of the period and several pieces of furniture as examples used by the early settlers of Fairfield County.

Original Floral Hall

This historic building was built before 1960.

C & O Depot

The Hocking Valley C & O Railroad Depot (1871) was originally located in Carroll, Ohio and was in active use until 1966 when it was moved to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. The depot was moved to the fairgrounds by Mr. & Mrs. James D. McGill to preserve a Fairfield County landmark that was important in the development of the county as a place where crops, products, and county residents were served by the railroad. The depot features many interesting railroad artifacts, time schedules, and fee charts.

Country Store

The Joe Arnold General Store (ca. 1885) was originally built by Emanuel Miller in Dumontville, Ohio in northeast Greenfield Township. The store was sold to Joe Arnold in 1904 and moved to the fairgrounds in 1969. The store provides a unique look at a much simpler time with original product containers of merchandise that would have been purchased in the store.

The Weakley School House

The No. 6, Liberty Township School House (ca. 1870), also known as the Weakley School, was donated to the Fairfield County Agricultural Society by Armond Weakley in 1975 and moved to the fairgrounds in 1976. The school was originally located near the corner of State Route 158 and Leonard Road in Liberty Township. The school features many items that would have been used in a Fairfield County one-room schoolhouse during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Gas Station

1930’s Gasoline Station (1979) is a replica of a depression era gas station that was built and donated by Lancaster Old Car Club. The gas station houses many products and accessories of that time period and provides a glimpse into the not to distant past when gas stations were much different than current self-serve gas stations.

Dr. Office

The Doctor’s Office (ca. 1850’s) was the office of Dr. John V. Brinson and son, Henry, originally located in Millersport, Ohio. (Suggested break for “Read More” dropdown). The office features a wide range of medical equipment and medical artifacts. The elder Dr. Brinson and his son mixed their own medications and conducted their medical practice in the office. The building was moved to the fairgrounds in 1985.

Huddle Church

The Mt. Zion Brethren in Christ Church (1858) was originally constructed near the Village of Bremen, Ohio and moved to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in 1990. The church is sometimes referred to as the Huddle Church as Daniel Huddle Sr. made the first deed to the church features a glimpse of a traditional church with hymns and other appropriate music featured as select times during the Fairfield County Fair.

History of the Fairfield County Fair

1850 –  Present

The Fairfield County Fair has been a part of the lives of many Fairfield County residents and visitors and holds a special place in many hearts. Memories have been made and long-standing traditions endured throughout the history of the fair. The scenic location and fall setting make the Fairfield County Fair a memorable event for all who visit and participate.

The Fairfield County Agricultural Society was formed in 1850 with John Reber serving as the first president of the society. The first fair was held the following year in a field owned by Reber near the present-day fairgrounds. In 1852 the Fairfield County Agricultural Society purchased approximately 14 acres in the shadows of Mt. Pleasant which have served as the fairgrounds since that time. The fairgrounds expanded to 22 acres by 1876 and 36 acres by 1880. Contrary to some beliefs, the fairgrounds have been privately owned and maintained since purchased by the Fairfield County Agricultural Society and are not owned by any government entity.

Historic buildings dot the current fairgrounds and are interspersed among more modern buildings. The iconic round cattle barn and the Art Hall are two of the most noticeable historic buildings constructed on the fairgrounds, while other historic buildings have been moved from their original locations and then reconstructed on the fairgrounds to preserve various aspects of historic life in Fairfield County.

The beautiful setting and long history of the Fairfield County Fair cannot be understated as a landmark of Fairfield County. Exhibitions of livestock, crafts, home-grown produce, horse racing, concessions, and entertainment have withstood the test of time for junior exhibitors and adults alike. The Fairfield County Agricultural Society is committed to preserving the past while looking forward to the future.


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